Albert Kasanda, PhD.

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Albert Kasanda is a research fellow of the Centre of Global Studies in the Institute of Philosophy at the Czech Academy of Sciences. He focuses on African social and political philosophy.

Address: Centre of Global Studies, Jilska 1, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The latest publications:

Kasanda, Albert, Hrubec, Marek eds. Africa in a Multilateral World. Afropolitan Dilemmas. London, Routledge, 2021

Kasanda, Albert. Africký boj proti pandemii. In: Hrubec, Marek et kol. Pandemie v makroregionech světa. Philosophica Critica, Vol. 6, 2020, No. 1, pp. 161 – 168.

anglicky: Kasanda, Albert. Contemporary African Social and Political Philosophy: Trends, Debates, and Challenges. Routledge, 2018.

česky: Kasanda, Albert. Současná africká sociální a politická filosofie: trendy, diskuse a výzvy. Praha, Filosofia, 2018.

Kasanda, Albert. Filosofía política y etnofilosofía africana. In Nerter, 30-31, 2019, pp. 11-21.

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