The Centre of Global Studies (CGS) focuses on an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research in philosophy and the social sciences. It analyses contemporary political, economic, social, cultural, moral, and environmental changes which, as a consequence of the ongoing processes of local and global interactions, influence the lives of individuals, social groups, societies, and human civilization.

It develops a critical thinking and a co-operation between several disciplines in order to articulate new issues and themes, and to elaborate analyses and theories which are linked with them. It focuses mainly on themes of justice; recognition; legitimacy; participation; cooperation; democracy; social, economic, and cultural differences and integration; a relation between autonomy and plurality; a relation between freedom and equality; environmental crisis. It is analysed in a connection with key paradigmatic interpretations and its alternatives, in inter-cultural, inter-civilizational and cosmopolitan frameworks.

CGS makes research of key macro-regions of the world. The territorial focus covers mainly Europe, the USA, China, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Islamic countries, and India. It analyses and develops a plurality of interpretations.

Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary studies

The specific characteristics of the Centre of Global Studies are:

· Research based in philosophy (social, political, economic, moral, environmental philosophy)

· Developed in the social sciences (sociology, political science, economy, etc.)

· The special thematic focus on global conflicts and local interactions

Therefore, the Centre of Global Studies includes two research focuses and the one main cooperation:

· Research on Moral and Political Philosophy

· Research on Global Studies

· The cooperation in the Research Program "Global Conflicts and Local Interactions" Strategy AV21, which is a strategic program with six institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences and external partners, mainly universities.

Forms of Results

The members of the Centre of Global Studies present their research by:

· publication of articles, collections of papers, books, and other texts

· organization of conferences, workshops, and lectures

· expertise cooperation with civil society

· expertise cooperation with state administrations and politicians

· expertise cooperation with embassies

· expertise cooperation with UNESCO and other agencies of the UN

· pedagogical activities at universities

· presentation of research results in mass media

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